Organising a courier for a bike

Who’s done this before, who is good to use?

I’m trying to organise one for pick up in Tasmania to melbourne

I tried doing it the bike ‘got lost’ somewhere between Launceston and Melbourne.

greyhound freight are generally pretty cheap for large packages.
depends how fragile it is

on a quick try, gave me a quote of around $120. e-go was like $170
good luck with the auction.

These are the guys that lost the bike I bought… no insurance cover for lost bike or even a refund on postage. :x

wow, really? i had super fast delivery from brisbane, no dramas whatsoever. but i guess shit just goes missing sometimes… my housemate had a macbook pro disappear through fastway couriers. he took it to the CEO of the company etc, but his was insured…

that’s pretty tight. surely you should at least be eligible for a refund on the courier charge.

I had a frame sent from Tasmania to Perth via aussie post, didnt cost more then $40.

He basically bubble wrapped the fcuk out of it, and sent it as is.

Ill post up pics later tonight.

think this is a complete bike though, and aus post won’t even (usually) do a frame.

Perhaps I should qualify that with a “yet”… they are looking into it, but have been for 3 months.

True, but parts can be shipped in seperate boxes, although i guess it adds to postage.

I have to upload the pic, cos from memory, it was $17, tassie to perth for the frame only. cheapest by far and also very reliable

last time i sent a complete bike from adel to melb it was so cheap i was shocked so actually called them to make sure… was about $25-30 from memory??

i use them all the time

Pack and Send?

this seems pretty good, thanks

Pic as promised, forks in the box.

yeah e-go are cheap, ignore there calculated shipping times to/from tassie though, its a load of crap. took a set of wheels i sent nearly two weeks, but for the sweet FA i payed i can;t really complain.

Wow, I was about to suggest Trans-Direct, seeing as they’re the guys that I almost always use when I can’t use AusPost, until I saw e-go. Just getting a quick couple of quotes off their website, it seems as though they’re around half the price of Trans Direct. Anyone had any problems with E-Go?

i have always used pack and send for my stuff as i generally cant be f’d packing it myself, and prefer the piece of mind that someone who knows what they are doing can pack it for me.
never had a problem, and have been using my local branch for the past year and a half with zero problems at all.
have sent a range of stuff from cameras, through to car engines.

have heard good things about E-Go from a friend though.
Trans-direct i had issues with once and that was enough of an experience for me.

When I got a frame courier’d to me the sender used NQX.
Had to pick it up from the depot which was a fair way out but there was no troubles.

Thread revival. Anyone got any recent feedback on couriers? I need to send a bike from Melbourne to rAdelaide. Just wondering about recent performance of e go or transdirect. Oy maybe there’s a newer one?