Orica Green Edge

Reading the recent article in cyclingnews recently about “murmurs of discontent, particularly in the Twittersphere regarding the outfit’s drip-feed method of announcing their roster”.

I love it, really feels like something is being built, bit by bit, rider by rider…

GreenEdge Roster 90 Per Cent Complete | Cyclingnews.com

Robbie McEwen!

Robbie McEwen, who has won 12 stages and three green jerseys at the Tour de France, will join GreenEDGE Cycling next year to share his experiences with the next generation of Australian cyclists starting on the bike, and then as a technical advisor.


and Beppu from radioshack, add the rumour that levi is going to quickstep and the rumour of the leopard-radioshack merge gets momentum

I think McEwen’s experience will be more of an asset than his possible results. Getting a bit older now, but he’ll still be a great asset.
RIDE magazine has listed Haussler as a member of Green Edge for this season, is this public knowledge? I like that guy.

I imagine McEwen will be doing an Erik Zabel type role for most of the year.

Haven’t heard anything apart from scuttlebutt regarding Haussler

Leopard Trek confirms merger with Radioshack

Introducing the RadioShack-Nissan-Trek Professional Cycling Team.

Is this the worst named cycling team going round?

annoying they have to name so many sponsor’s in the name - cant we just call them radiotrek?

be interesting to see if this leads to any more signings for GE/.

So the merger rumour is true. I wonder if the nyguard greenedge rumour from the same source is true. Now for rampant speculation… As the merger teams have too many riders, it will be harder to accommodate j voigt for another season. I wonder if stuey is on the phone, will nygard bring anyone with him will any of the old ais connections be in touch… My wife is now convinced that jens will be riding in green at tdu next year ha ha


Or at least up there with Kwantum Hallen-Decosol-Yoko.

no BabyDump is:

does green edge need nyguard? id have thought that with bruyneel stepping back due to ceratin allegations RS would need a high level figurehead/DS.

I need a baby dump jersey now.

yeh saunier duval and festina had pretty bad names too

hahaha BabyDump is an awesome team name

^ I think Baby-Dump is the best named cycling team around! …and my daughter is a big fan.



… sorry tough day at the office

And their u23 team can be Shrekstrong.

quite the opposite!!! see update article
Leopard Trek Confirms Merger With RadioShack | Cyclingnews.com

Matt Goss has signed!


Going to be a decent classics team!

Greenedge has a Jens now, not the Voigt variety though - Jens Keukeleire.

still it was interesting to note in a recent statement by radioshrek that 5 leopard trak riders (including J voigt) would not have their contracts renewed.

if you beleive…