Oscillating of cog

Hi all, as I’ve just attain my first SS, so I’m not sure if it is suppose to be this way, I flip over my bike to give it a lube, while turning on the crack and let it go freewheel, the cog seems to oscillating up and down. Is it suppose to be like that or I’ve a bend wheel axle?

You might have some play in the freewheel mechanism which is fairly normal on most cheapie freewheels. If that’s not it, take your wheel out and eye ball the axle to see if it’s straight. If that’s not it either, check that you freewheel has not been cross threaded onto the hub.


Thanks for the reply Des, just found out it’s common on freewheel cog. :expressionless:

Hell yeh it’s common, even the best of em get a bit ‘up and down’ in em. Hence the ‘tight’ and ‘loose’ spot in the chain. (it happens to a similar extent on cassettes, where the cassette will appear to move a lil left-right and then also up-down, helps to change gears)

Nuthin to worry bout man :sunglasses:

Chainring too!