OT but not. need a GPS to borrow.

i seriously need to borrow or buy cheap a little GPS unit.
zooke (the new fixie female) would like to try geocacheing and before i rush out and spend mondo bucks on a unit for her i’d like to borrow one for a few days and let her try it out first.
anyone got something we can use?
doesn’t need to be super sophisticated as we’ll look for one with all the features she wants if she decides to run with this.
you can contact me here or at lupine128@sluggy.net or on 0405 007 890.
and on the same topic, are there any geo’s on list here. it has always seemed to be the kind of activity that would appeal to fixies for som reason.

I saw the new Strike Genius in action at the Gold Coast show last month. Looks to be the goods. Software has been customised for the bike so it is easy to operate. Not sure on the price point yet. Anyone heard?

Yeah, I have done it a bit over the summer with the girl. I just have the application on my iphone which works a treat.