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i know this is slightly blasphemous, but i was wondering if anyone could give me the address’s of any other non-fixed specialized forums, where there is a buy and sell part.

I just looking at a nice road bike, so i thought that would be the best place to start.
unless someone on here has something beautiful that they want to get rid of…

thank you and sorry in advance

I have a rather nice Conti road frame if you want a project. It’s listed in the Frames section.

What size ps?

probably something round 56-58, i’ll check it out.
but i was really looking for something complete, thats why i thought forums would be a good place to start

you just finished your bike and you’re already sick of it? try riding it a bit first?

not true, i’m just looking for something to do some real training, not just cruising and skidding. So is there anyone out there with something to offer…?




Frame material/construction?

Give us some clues…

oh well my real intentions were to find some other forums, but while i’m here

something up to around 1800 more or less, but cheaper would be preferred.

probably nothing too antiquated either, maybe within the last 15 years or so,


Material, something sturdy, steel frames are fine…

thats about it

Buy new. You can get a Felt F75 decked out in full 105 for about that price if you bargain-hunt. Alloy frame, carbon fork and stays, CXP22/Felt wheels. Not a bad set up.

thanks sekt, i’ll look into that, if anyone else has some recommendations, they’d be appreciated.

speaking of bargains and hunting, does anyone know anything about bicycle recycle in moorabin?

goldcross have 30% off their fuji road bikes… you could pick up a fuji roubaix rc with nearly complete ultegra groupset for under 1800
sounds like a sweet training bike… alloy with carbon seat stays n fork. hope this helps.

you said goldcross :x
support your lbs.

n+1 mate.

OP, have you tried, bikeexchange.com.au?