Other peoples saddles

Now I’ve been buying SH bikes I’ve found the thought of someone else’s balls and arse rubbing and sweating all over the saddle really freakin disgusting, and have bought new saddles promptly.

You can call it anally retentive, (pun intended) but to me it just makes sense.

do you use public toilets?

what if the previous owner was a girl?

I love pre juiced up seats, any good ones on the SH bikes you want to get rid of?

SOF: only if I have to.

GM: reminds me of that youtube post someone put on here with the girl doing a session on a bike, and then the girl leaves and the bloke sniffs the saddle.

Sorry no go on the pre juiced seats, funnily enough all the bikes I’ve be buying are for myself and are mens bikes, hence my issue. Surely the japanese could get something like this happening, like the pre worn underwear vending machines, maybe there could be a pre juiced NJS saddle?

not quite on the same level as people buying used knicks off ebay but its up there

I think you’re being a bit retentive…
Depends if it’s a waterproof or porous type of material on the saddle! :smiley:

at least you can wash knicks, but I wouldn’t buy SH knicks either.

alcohol/pinoclean it?

Try cleaning it with some of this:

i never thought of this. I can only recall one s/h bike where I have kept the seat though. I’m pretty sure no nude riding was done on it, and I’m certainly not riding it in the buff myself either…

yes to heavymetal’s suggestion.
are you riding the bike naked? performing oral sex on it? using it to pour drinks?
then what’s the problem?

do you change the bar tape/grips? Glen20 the whole bike? what if someone touches your bike while it’s locked up outside, what if you let someone else ride it and only later think about the fact they may have been sweating?
just thinking about all this makes me need to go wash my hands. bye now.

Ew i just thought about my keyboard at work.

Have some cement

actually I do change the tape, normally because it’s done badly, it’s disgusting, it’s the wrong colour, and I like a certain tape.

sipping some soy chai concrete right now.

Ha ha. i actually do wash my hand after using the keyboards at uni. they’re fucking foul

Man Arrested in Japan for Theft of Little Girls’ Bicycle Seats :: IAMCHIQ.COM LIVING - LIFESTYLE

fuckin oath i would, most people’s bar tape is just absolutely foul.

I ride my bike naked all the time, so, y’know, don’t buy second hand seats from me.

and don’t buy off this guy either Carlton flasher stalks woman - Crime - News - Melbourne Leader

Oh shit, they’re onto me!

this is true. it seems that every second hand bike has bartape that is either brittle and falling off, torn and crappy, or dirty as hell. for $15 it’s the easiest way to make a bike “yours”.