Otway Classic

OK - Hands up, who’s doing this one?


I’m keen.

This is better


On the Cross bike.

Niiiice! How techincal is the course? Would it be rideable by a complete MTB n00b?

We’ll all be MTB virgins. It looks like there are a couple of classes you can participate in. I’ll be in the ‘nuff nuff’ category, not looking to win, just complete. In the course description there is (quote) “lung busting climb”, the elevation profile shows that there is only about a 600m rise over the 50k’s. I wanna rip out my cyclo-cross for this one. I think another guy i’m doing it with might be going either SS or fixed. In Jan 07 i’m hoping to do a quick pre-ride see how i go.

I’ll be in for that.

However I’ll choose to fly first class: with gears and a virtual pivot point… :wink:

brave lads, I have done this a few times on normal road bike and there is no way known I would get up those hills let alone descend … but I am aware of just how able some of you guys are so, good luck, will be interested to hear how you go!

I’m keen for both the road and off road one… may use gears and rear clicky hub though on at least one of them… maybe a possibility of a group to go and set up camp for the off road event for the W/e…?

I’m keen to do the MTB event Pete.

i thought you sold all your mtbs…

Cool Mikey,

I’m planning to attend with gears and a bit of new steel between the fat wheel’s…!

unless I get cross…!

we shall disscuss when I’m back.

end of transmission… we now recomence with the fixed gear service…

Yes I did re-nounce MTB madness by getting rid of my MTB’s, but there is always the borrow network. And yes i’m still a virgin!

Is the Salsa ‘ala carte’ going???

Craig, The Salsa is in patiently waiting for me to return from the UK with some shiney parts to finish the transplantation operation…

I will hopefully be hitting the trails with it soon… and bottle shop…!

Well I’m already signed up for the road already… Look for the boys from Team Yellow Peril… :slight_smile:

I’ll be using the newfangled semi-plastic, many gears, clicky bike… Not a chance I’d try it on ye old totally-dug-outta-the-ground, with a bit of cow-skin, fixie…

the classic is def do-able fixed, esp by ndf. the climb over the back of the ottways is long but not tremendously steep… i think this could be a 39x15ish mission. the ride back to geelong is the site of my biggest bike tanti ever, throwing the rig into the bushes and having a lie-down. I’m keen to do it again and show that i’m all man.

Oh come on JP do tell the story, pleeeease!

ah, its nothin glam… i maintain that the slow pace forced upon me by others is what led my brain drain and extreme frustration… others contend that i’m just a weakmo with no legs for the long stuff. either way, the story ends with me telling the others to keep going wihtout me, and when it became clear that they wouldnt, me riding off up the road without them. its a top ride :wink:

erg… $115???

Who are they kidding?

Not sure if I’m so keen Petey… there’s plenty of other stuff to do with that much dosh.

Fancy a good old bash around Lysterfield followed by a BBQ by the lake instead?

“Fancy a good old bash around Lysterfield followed by a BBQ by the lake instead?”

Mikey that sounds good to me… in fact lets all go…! How many snag’s can we buy for $115 ?

or I may just put the money towards buying a pint down at my local before I return to your fair land…!

See Y’all soon…

<A href=“http://sportingimages.com.au/gallery/Cycling2/Fun+Bike+Rides/2007+Otway+Classic+great+Ocean+Road+Bike+Ride/Photos+Up+next+week/11_15-11_30/Camera+2/DUA_5342-2007otwaycycle.jpg.html”>Well what do we have here?</A>
<img src=“http://sportingimages.com.au/gallery/main.php?g2_view=core.DownloadItem&g2_itemId=2759148&g2_serialNumber=3”>

<A href=“http://sportingimages.com.au/gallery/Cycling2/Fun+Bike+Rides/2007+Otway+Classic+great+Ocean+Road+Bike+Ride/Photos+Up+next+week/11_15-11_30/Camera+1/_DEL2896-2007otwaycycle.jpg.html”>The grin on my face hides the bad gastro I had on the day</A>
<img src=“http://sportingimages.com.au/gallery/main.php?g2_view=core.DownloadItem&g2_itemId=2758824&g2_serialNumber=3”>