saw this guy in melbourne last weekend and just had to take a photo,
he said he was hit by a car, not very hard and the frame just snapped…

obligatory steel is real comment.
at least he won’t have to work very hard to convince them that his bike is stuffed

Thats the least of his problems, check out the guys pants! :stuck_out_tongue:

I think the pants are why his frame committed suicide.

The colour/pattern combination he’s wearing would have blinded any driver !

not so HAPPY PANTS :wink:

What do you expect from a $600 bike?

MC Hammer was driving the car, he just wanted his pants back.

that’s Rev. Hammer

Let’s no forget that the bike was hit by a car before we jump to any conclusions about inferior aluminium tubing… having said that the bike does seem almost unscratched, apart from the obvious ‘issue’.

Happy pants have run out of happy :frowning: