well at least he stopped the goal…


any idea what caused that? didn’t look like mallet in spokes…

Probably just hit the front brake too hard without bracing himself? Just a guess

Looks like he was trying to turn, put too much brake on and just flew. That would not have been pleasant!

not pleasant at all…looks like he is unconscious at the end.

To me it looks like his back tyre has contacted with the front tyre of the other rider, and it if hit on the rear edge of the front it would have propelled him upwards. Much like what happens to formula 1/any open wheel race car when tyres touch. someone inevitably gets thrown in some direction.

I could be wrong though, he could have just reefed the brake fucking hard.

EDIT: no the brake theory looks correct, as the front wheel stops and he turns to the left even though he is travelling to the right, the bike then trips over itself.

What had me confused was that the rear wheel stops as well, suggesting he hit the other bike, but it may just be a dual activation lever!!