Out with the old...

Built this today. To replace this.

The old red beer bike has done 15 years of daily faithful service. Once an Apollo Kosciuszko its a bit like grandpas axe, 3 forks, 3 rear wheels, 2 sets of cranks, a seat post…Still on the ‘original’ xtr BB though.

A hard rubbish Marin cr-mo in my size turned up. I think its PG as weighs near 3 kg for frame - 58 TT. Had it powdercoated, kept front brake (coaster rear) cos doing lotsa footpath miles now with Mr. 5 and he can be a little erratic in his flightpath. Will soon fit my front mount baby seat for Miss 1.
Rides and flies well. Not sold on high rise stem yet but it looks kinda cool.