Outsmarting those bike thiefs

I was gonna post this in the stolen bikes thread but thought i shouldn’t clog up a pretty great resource.

I want to know more details about bike thefts, Like what kinda locks people are using and what they are locking their bikes too, obviously there’s a pile of half wits out there using metre long cable locks on wobbly 4 inch wide at the top street signs but it also appears that plenty of people that know what’s up are getting ripped off too.

Have your run of the mill toothless smacked out petty criminals started busting apart U locks?

Are all of these rare bikes being stripped and sold elsewhere? kinda seems to be too many rare bikes that would be pretty obvious on Ebay disappearing

i have been wondering the same thing. there seems to be a lot of the classier stuff being stolen atm, and it could be a case of some weirdo with a house full of stolen bikes like that dude in canada, or maybe there is some fast n furious gang ripping them off to ship by the container load to china or indonesia or something.
I was thinking at work it would be fun to do a fixed.org sting operation, get a nice looking frame with some terminal cracks making it worth not a lot, chuck some equivalent nice looking but damaged parts on it, maybe everyone chucks in some bits. get a gps tracker off deal extreme, jam it down the seatpost, lock it up in a known theft area, and then see what happens. sort of bike tag with a real bike. set up a twitter account posting the location continuously, so people can chase it down and take pictures for prizes or something

How much of the herb have you been smoking LAM??

I was of the idea that u-locks can be popped open quite easily, at least the older models anyway.

the older ones with those barrell keys are totally useless and cheaper U locks that dont kinda slot in or lock at both ends of the U (those nice little back pocket orange sleeved Krypto U’s included) can be popped out with enough pressure

LAM im down,maybe run a reid test haha

also more details of this canadian nutjob.
I heard of a van a while ago in melbourne with a gas/blow/flame torch thing set up in the back just pulling up and cutting through a whole rack of bikes at a uni,(think it was on the south side) chucking em in the back and taking off in broad daylight

Based on my observations there are a lot of people who can’t lock their bikes properly in Melbourne.

This itself leads to more bikes/parts getting stolen.

Half the locking strategies I see here wouldn’t last 30mins in a large city in North America/Europe, regardless of the power tools the crims came equipt with.

Check what you are locking too, check how you are locking. Frame+fork or sheldon method at least if you only have a mini u-lock.

I have also heard a number of stories about said van as well (targeting prahran/south yarra and the CBD IIRC). Maybe they have worked out that the pickings are getting good north of the river?

My 2c…

I always try and lock my front wheel and frame, particulary when I have the Zipp on. On my tarck bikes to steal the back wheel, they he to be undone, pulled forward, chain taken off the chain ring, then removed. It’s a pain in the arse. I find by locking it like that too, it’s harder to knock the frame about on the pole / rack, an the bars cant be spun around. I have a Krypto mini-d too. If I’m on my road bike, I do the same, but use a cable lock to lock the rear wheel.

People say that uni is a “hot spot” for bike theft but with the amount of badly locked up bikes why wouldn’t it be? I reckon every time I’m there I see a bike locked to itself and not the pole it is resting against or a bikes locked to 4 foot high poles…
Get a decent lock and make sure you are locking through the frame/both wheels and that whatever you are locking to doesn’t pull out of the ground (like half the street signs around the city).

If someone wants you’re bike nothing will stop them.

In saying that I had mates (mostly couriers) in NYC with very high end bikes that needed only a basic lock. They and the bikes were known by everyone and nobody would dare be caught trying to steal a bike. I’m talking De Rosa track with sheriff stars that even if the owner was far away somebody who who him and the bike would have an eye on it if someone was looking funny.

Here in Oz the best thing you can do is have a shit bike for locking up, and not leave your nice bikes out of sight. I’ve seen bikes go in around 20 seconds. By the time I realized … “hey, wait … is that? … no way” it was gone.

How are you going to beat that? You can’t.

An angle grinder will destroy any locks available now, in a very short amount of time. I was freeing a mates bike in the CBD (he’d lost the keys to his ABUS u-lock) and we got an angle grinder out. The noise is bloody loud, sparks everywhere. No one stopped - no one cared.

The building manager, likewise not knowing and not caring if we were stealing the bike or not, came straight out and asked us if we were going to be long (we had already finished cutting) because he would set up witches hats around the extension lead - otherwise if someone tripped, he’d be in trouble.

There are several youtube clips showing that people couldn’t give a flying fuck if a bike is being stolen from right next to them.

I lost my keys one time. Went back to the bike with a hacksaw and cut through the cable lock like butter. People everywhere, no-one gave a shit.
It’s just as important to find a good lock-up spot. This spot was at the front door of parramatta council chambers, opposite a train station and a pedestrian crossing. There was always about 10 kmart mtbs locked there, my bike looked old and worthless cos not double-springer.


yeah, the old trick of lock it up near something that’s easier to steal than yours.
and as generic hipster said, if you’re locking up on a street sign, check that the pole is well wedged in.

has anyone here had a decent bike with a decent lock stolen?

I’m fairly lucky as I only really ride to work and back, being it’s a bank we have a fairly secure car park.
Only very rarely ride to the city and when I do I either lock up outside Clarity Records or Treadly.

My dad used to be a motorbike instructor and was always said with any bike/motorbike
“If they want it, they’ll take it”


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correcting and educating are two different things

You mean a krypto mini-D. How much pressure? I’d like to see someone “pop” out my mini-d. They’re so small that it’s very difficult to get anything strong enough in there when it’s correctly locking your bike to a pole/rack etc. You’ll bend the bike before you pop the lock.

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