overnight lock spot in city

So I’m locking my bike in the city tonight and probably leaving it overnight… instead of riding home inebriated.

Anyone know of a relatively safe place? where the wheels are not likely to get kicked in around the King St area?

So many scumbag dickheads around there haha.

if you’re talking about king st in sydney, then maybe you could park it on the bike racks on georgina st (where cheeky monkey transport is). i’ve seen a few bikes parked there overnight before and you’re probably safer in numbers.

thanks man but i’m actually in melbs

i wouldnt recommend it at all, ride in a crappy bike, or catch public transport.

someone going to Bang tonight? aren’t you a bit old Sime?

haha Well maybe… but i’ll have you know that it’s actually ‘Next’ on a thursday night Brendan… maybe you’re showing your age mate!

and Bumnut, I dont have a ‘crappy’ bike, but I do have a pub/uni bike for times like these and i have 4 errands to run via bike with the last one being at 12.30… so the bike will defs have to be with me. it would just be nice to unlock it with and still have round wheels.

and i have 4 errands to run via bike with the last one being at 12.30

Are you carrying two phones? :wink:

From experience being at RMIT university late at night, there are some good hidey-holes around the Swantson St campus.
It’s not perfect, but it’s better than the street. Under no circumstances lock your bike on Swanston, even in the day!

hahahahahaha there would be more money in it if i was!

but seriously a drug dealer bike courier would be rolling in cash.

i’d put it outside a big office block. i work in the rialto and security is there 24/7. concierge leaves the building at 10 or 11…and there are cab ranks close by and it’s well lit. i’d say that would be relatively safe…compared to friggin king street anyway!

You go to RMIT yeah? Get a security pass and leave it in the secure locked ungerground carpark on swanston st…the place is open 24 hours as well, and you get to feel important when you swipe your card to open the door.


Lock it semil-legally near the platforms at Southern Cross … aka SX … as opposed to sXs :sunglasses:

Otherwise stash it near the top of a 24h carpark?

put it in the cloak room at next?!?
if you know anyone on the door, im sure you could work something out.