Overnighter this week?

Dudes, anyone keen to ride out into the night this week?

I am willing to be both packhorse and gear supplier to right kind of guy/girl. Can bring tent enough for four of us (or not) and sleeping bag, mat, liner for one other than myself. Ezy, this could be a good chance to test some kit! Termarest Prolite, GoLite quilt, Sea2Summit rector liner, all yours. Will bring my optimus stove for you to check out too.

Was thinking blue range since I’ve never been, but happy to hear about other places.

I actually bit the bullet and bought an optimus stove on the weekend.

So what day are you thinking? Canberra Forecast

And what is the usual timing for something like this?

Yes to everything (though might be going to hike the castle this weekend)

I dont really mind which night… Wednesday? Not sure where we’d meet, but I was thinking of starting to ride at 8pm, could meet at Stromlo at 8:30pm, then its maybe 70mins or so to Blue range… set up camp, boil some water for a drink, some Whisky, sleep by 11. Up at 5:30 or whenever the birds start up, cook some oats, roll out at 7, be at work at 9.

I think this could work!

I think it can too :slight_smile: So, Ezy, JP, Aeons… thats three of us, and probably enough to fight off at least one bogan on the way out there. Will contact others more directly in case they are keen too.
Wednesday suits?

I can take my BO Gear Shrinkage which will fit a bit of stuff. But yeah, I will need gear. I will just run this past Mrs Ezy first, she will worry.

Right on. thurs night is also good and possibly even better for me, so we have some negotiation/wiggle room

Ahh - thursday night I have a date with my brother. I am surprising him and going to enter him into a beard competition. LOLZ.

When you’re that good looking, you don’t need to lower yourself to competing for the “best beard” scraps of life’s awards.

So, if it happening this week, its happening wednesday! And it will be cruise-paced

It was a bit of a joke - one of his customers came in and seriously asked him ‘Do you show your beard?’. Marty cracked up and asked if people actually do that. It turns out they do - and I am going to enter him into the competition on Thursday night. It’s going to be something like this I imagine.

Thursday night would work but Wednesday is no good as I need to be home on Thursday morning on account of it being my daughter’s birthday.
Have fun doods

All good with the wife :slight_smile: I guess I am in - just hope it doesn’t get too cold.

minus 3 in Canberra forecast = ~ minus 6 or colder in the mountains. Good luck with that everybody

Oh faaaaark.

JP - can we do this when it gets warmer?

Don’t wuss out Ezy you can spoon me.
I can only do Thursday, skiing early morning on Wednesday.

Hmmm… we are split on the nights.
Ezy, of course we can and will do this again when it gets warmer.
-6c is a nice test of your gear, the quilt I have for you to test is 20F, it will be toasty as… I have used my 40F to -3c with silk liner and t-shirt/shorts combo. If you are keen on Wed, we can def go! If not, we can wait.
Thursday, I can’t do two, but if Ezy is out for Wed, lets do Thurs, Aeons and Adz… and Adz, I am going to do my best to push your cold fingers into a spinning wheel with bladed spokes if you don’t give me the Klein back soon! Probably when you’re asleep… you wont hear it coming… I’ll attach owl feathers to the spokes quieten it all down.

Sounds painful!
I’ve been meaning to arrange a time with you. If it’s any consolation I gave it a little bit of a clean while it was on the work stand.

-7 this morning in Tuggeranong.

How about you guys go for Thursday - then once it warms up a bit I will come along.

Don’t feel obliged to organise this around me :slight_smile: I do overnighters fairly regularly so no drama if I can’t make it.