Overnighter this week?

So Thursday it is? I’m in for either evening. JP makes final decision being the OP, I guess.

edit: is there a hut?

  • Joel

I was the only one stopping the Thursday - so don’t feel bad yo! More people can make Thursday :slight_smile:

Keep these coming though. I will make one.

Yep, lets do Thursday. I think there is a hut, or something like a hut. I need to find it on a map, and others could do so too! Best if we arent relying on one persons nav.
So, everyone else in? I have a mate at work who is keen so i might bring a tent big enough for three comfortably… We could do some splitting. I want to see your Revo in action Joel!

Sounds rad, but I’m gonna have to skip out on this one

Blue Range Recreation Area - Territory and Municipal Services

We all bring 4kg of firewood each.

Cool I’ll wire up the Revo with an adaptor line for the Shimano hub - currently has SON ends on it.

I’m taking my Nemo 1 man tent, can bring a folding hand saw for local firewood collection.

Map looks like it’s easy to find. 2.6km from Brindabella homestead/road intersection, then right down Blue Range road. Will someone have a device for tracking distance from intersections? We can make a cue sheet/palm card with only two points on it.

  • Joel

I’ll have to pass on that one too as I need to be out of Canberra early Friday but would be keen for the next one. I reckon I have most of the camping gear, but I don’t have a MTB so for me that’d be CX only. I haven’t ridden that particular road but I’ve ridden some in the area, so I reckon this one would be doable on a CX wouldn’t it?

I’m pretty set on this now, if we want we could add another 12 k and continue on to the Mt. Coree Campsite and then blast down the two sticks decent in the morning though I understand if this seems too long.

I’m kind of stuck for a shelter, all I have is my blue bunnings tarp but I might bring my partners down sleeping bag from Nepal and insulated mat so should be toasty.

I was thinking this too, mostly the part about two sticks road.

Well sweet! I have two possible tents, marmot limelight 4 which is about 4kg and will fit three in comfort, four exped style, or the hilleberg keron 4gt which is a bombshelter at 6kg, warmer, same sleeping capacity. Looks like there will be at least four of us though…

I will try to find my etrex… Otherwise just usin phones should be ok. Or a watch

I haven’t used the nemo in four years or so so should probably air it out. You boys can have the taj mahoochie.

It’s going to be so crisp. I used this thing as an excuse to finally get a winter sleeping bag. Got a mont one which should be awesome.

Extra bit up to coree would be cool for two sticks. Thinking up to Piccadilly then in? Easier going than up two sticks. How much extra time though? Add an hour for setting up, food, Muscat, talking shit. Gets us to sleep about 1 am. Maybe better for a weekend overnighter when we can sleep in?

  • joel

Usually a 2 hour climb up warks to bulls head campsite. Probably another 45 to coree but we could take the short way up picadilly.
We can always decide on the night, I’m totally cool with the longer ride though. Sunrise while coming down two sticks would be killer.

I’m happy to go and see where we end up tomorrow, or save it for a weekend… I think I will go tomorrow regardless… weekends may not happen for me for a while.
Let me know if you are keen to come! We aim for something, somewhere!

I’m subscribing to this thread even though I’m not in Canberra…

Not suggesting deferring tomorrow just the details. Warks and coree good for me if good for others.

Got exposure running on shimano after some frustration, input cable in output hole! Easy fix then.

  • joel

This may become the “anyone available to rescue 5 frozen bike packers from coree” thread.

  • joel

Sorry guys, I’ve got to pike. Will hopefully make it next time

So four then?

  • joel