Overnighter this weekend

V-line train terminated at Bendigo enroute to Echuca a few years back and the smug V-Line staff member told us we would have to ride to Echuca and that we weren’t allowed to put our bikes on the bus. The whole plan was to get the train to Echuca and Ride home. This would have been a pretty major spanner in the works so we went over to the contracted bus driver and asked him if we could get on. As we were doing this the V-Line guy came out and was all like “No, no, you’re not allowed you have to ride!” the driver said “Get real dickhead” and helped us put our bikes underneath in the buses luggage compartment.


Same thing happened to me and a few friends last weekend, we rode a tandem and a Surly to Golden Plains festival, and then rode to Ballarat for the train on the way back, only to find V-Line bus replacements. I didn’t like my chances of getting the tandem on the bus, but luckily the bus driver just laughed and even helped me to strap it down.

Copied this on the weekend.

Twoz a sweet as ride! Like MikeD, we found ourselves close to Winch with plenty of hours to spare so we pushed on to Marshall. Cape Otway Rd between Winchelsea - Deans Marsh Rd and Layard Rd was pretty busy and we got buzzed a few times, but otherwise there were some good alternative routes, as well as plenty of gravel. Mrs WCP loved it too.

Here are a few photos, including some of our cue sheets. They’re pretty accurate as far as turns go, but maybe not exact on the distances. Our route was a bit different to MikeD’s around Gellibrand too; I can’t find Bridge Track on google maps, but it turns out it is on my Maps-with-me map. No drama, either way is beautiful. Probs more pics when I develop the film…

The Dean’s Marsh Show was in full swing when we got there and was heaps of fun. Provided a good lunch too! The dog on the left there, Sandy, had just been judged the Top Dog for 2014, based entirely on just being cool.

P.S. - We stayed here. Was perfect.

Mrs WCP loves camping, but works harder than me and wanted a bed and a shower for her first weekend off in ages. Fair enough.

Rad, Pete. Did you wear your hi-viz onesie?


yeah those smaller roads aren’t on Google maps at all but the physical signs are there for Sayers Vista, Bridge trak etc they are also on my Garmin topo map of Aus.

They are also on mapmyride.com and that’s what I use to plan routes.

No, but I’m wearing it now. And nothing else.