Overtaking in bike lane

If I signal can I legally turn out of a bike lane and in to the car lane to overtake slower cyclists if the road is clear to do so?

Absolutely. your’e allowed to ride in the car lane even if there is a bike lane

But please for gods sake do a head check before you pull out. I’d need three extra hands to count the number of times a day I see cyclists pull out into traffic with out doing a head check or even signaling. Its like they want to die.

God man, are you crazy? You’ll need one of these if you want to do crazy manoeuvres like that…

In my oppinion i think bike lanes are dangerous, in adelaide there behind parked cars and often you find yourself having to swerve to avoid a car pulling out only to get in the way of traffic who think you should stay in your bike lane.

Too many assumptions from drivers and cyclists alike. Point in case Rundle street from kent town to east terrace nearly got taken out several times by drivers eager to beat the peak hoour rush, and Pirie st if you stay in the bike lane on pirie your braver than me, if the car doors dont get you a pedestrian might.

Never riden in other states hows it going abroad?

you mean its like

foot path - bike lane - parked cars - road?

i think melbourne is ok, plenty of those copenhagen style bike lanes if your worried about riding in lanes, but really if you just use common sense youll be ok most of the time

There are very few bike lanes in my side of Melbourne that I feel safe in. When you’re in them you’re kind of invisible to traffic, when you’re not in your bike lane (for whatever sensible, legit reason) it just gives drivers another reason to be pissed at you.

Oddly, the road I feel safest on in peak time is the Nepean Highway. Unlike Bitch Rd, the left lane is WIDE and there aren’t parked cars on it so there is plenty of room for you and a car and you can hammer along at a reasonable clip, so drivers don’t get pissed off.

Nah, it’s footpath -> cars -> bike lane. Like most cities.

It’s only really bad when the doesn’t exist after a certain time and turns into parking, so you’ll be crusing along in a bike lane and there’s a car parked in there.

unless it peak hours it’s usually:
Foot path > bike lane+parked cars > road

An in peak hour: the good ol’ driver-on-the-phone-who-may-pull-out-at-any-time

got stuck behind a guy going only slightly slower than me last night along a packed payneham road, too much traffic to pass and we got a run of the lights. I guess I got the draft for a while and had a rest at least

Thats when I just ride in the car lane

id never ride in a bike lane. facing moving cars much safer than the odd opening door or ped that decides to walk out. youre allowed to be in car lane even if theres a bike lane. maybe just not liked by drivers, but who cares.

What’s the story with cars parked in bike lanes. Is it legal? Often I ride down Rathdowne st in the mornings and 5 delivery trucks will be in the bike lane. Is it a law, even if it was I doubt that it’s a law that the cops would enforce… passive rear reflectors on bicycles on the other hand…

I think I’m going to start riding on the road on Nepean Hwy even at night on the way home, that bloody goat track of a bike path next to it is hopeless. Tree roots and debris, overhanging branches, blind curves, pedestrians (almost always on the bike part because it’s prettier) and smashed glass. Perhaps fine for 15 km/h on 38 mm tyres but sucks at night at 30 km/h on 23s.

I agree that despite it being an 80 zone it feels pretty safe.