Oz classic!!!

Repco Superlite - Retro road bike - Never ridden! | eBay

Buy it. ride it.

If you buy it, strip it, powdercoat it and fix it i keeeeel you.

P.S. It does wheelies. I did a little one up the driveway.

Buy Repco superlite Tri series 46 cm, Repco, Road Bike for Sale in Camden Park Adelaide, SA

They are coming out of the woodwork everywhere.

Price is a bit OT though.

Love it. heres mine. although paint isnt as good as OP.


Are these unicrown fork ones still the Giant built ones?
Cro Mo main triangle only, and Hi ten stays?
I’ve had a couple of the earlier models and they ride quite nice for the price.

Kinda makes me pine for Nishiki built repco Olympic 12 i had circa 86/88.

Rad, my dad has the same bike! in far worse condition though.

I used to have one of these, loved it. Made my first ‘fixie’ out if it too and it worked a treat. Definitely one of the better low end cycles out there.

I always wanted a repco or a giant when I was growing up.
I have grown up heaps and I still want one.

apparently its got a 70cm top tube…sounds comfy


Nah its in the guys listing though.