Packing a frame

Hey everyone

Im posting a frame and fork interstate.

Any advice on the best way to package it so it doesnt get damaged?

  1. Scrounge a bike box from your LBS (and a couple of those plastic dropout spacers);
  2. Buy a roll of bubble wrap and a roll of packing tape from officeworks or aussie post;
  3. Wrap the frame and fork separately in bubble wrap so it look’s like it was buried with Tutankhamen, then tape wrapped fork to wrapped frame;
  4. If it’s just a frame and fork, grab ye old stanley knife and cut the box down as close as possible to the frame (saves on volumetric weight charges);
  5. Put frame in box, shove some other stuff in with it like scrunched up newspaper to stop it moving about;
  6. Seal box.

I have a stack of bike and frame boxes going to the recyclers on Tuesday so get em this weekend if you want.

  1. Catch 4 - 6 neighbourhood cats. (use mice and/or meowing noises)

  2. adhere to bike frame with gaffer tape

  3. adhere kipper to cat so they have something to eat whilst in transit

  4. …?

  5. profit!