Paconi 63.5cm road frame - in Melbs

i like this a lot, dunno why, its probably a POS

Paconi Road Bike Frame BIG Mans Size Steel Bike Frame in Melbourne, VIC | eBay

how’s the study going?! haha :wink:

hahaa shhhhhh

and ps find me a bike!

Doesn’t have any of the Kevin Wigham details about it. Looks like generic japanese/taiwanese.

So many giraffe bikes popping up.

What size?

Why its MAN size, silly. All men are the same height, which is really tall. And there is no such thing as a tall woman.

I like to seek bikes with descriptions like this out, it usually means the owner is a fool, and they might let their bike go for less than what it is worth.

You’re right, I’ve never seen a women taller than me, and I’m a MAN.