Paconi & Bridgestone

PACONI roadie
Shimano 600 EX Arabesque group
Miche hubs laced to Mavic Module3CD MSS spokes and nipples
Sugino fluted post
San Marco Rolls

Sugino 75 BB and cranks w/ zen chainring 48T
Dura Ace 7600 laced to Mavic Open Pro DT Swiss Champion
Dura Ace lockring and sprocket 15T
Nitto post, stem and bars (B123AA)
HKK vertex blue chain
MKS pedals and clips
Kashimax straps
Hatta Swan super deluxe headset
Selle Italia Turbo

love that paconi! something NQR with that Bridgestone though… maybe the crankset/ring and seat? good builds though!

yeah this was just a budget build, i had parts left over from another bike.
also I might have seen your paconi awhile back looks exactly the same as this one but track, both made by kevin wigham

I love that PACONI, and the little things like how clean your brake set up is and how the bars are wrapped. The Bridgestone I like although the like said, the crank set, a more simplistic one would look much cleaner. Great builds, very envious.

yeah almost exact same although mine has his (kevin’s) 1st gen Transfers instead of your stickers. i like the look of the roadie Paconis’ though. where did you pick it up from?

At work, the guy traded it in for another bike. It has been restored by us and all parts are original except the saddle and wheels.

Dura Ace hubs and NJS frame, it is impossible for that combo to look bad!


Paconi is perfect! Understated beauty.
Sweet ride man.

Thanks, i couldnt be more happy with it.
Ill get my hands on some shimano 600 hubs soon to match it up with the rest of the bike

The high Flange ones?
That’ll be the icing on the cake.

Hells yes!