paconi@deVers VIC

hey folks. just thought i’d give a heads up incase anyone is interested.

at deVers bikes on heidelberg rd (i think), they have a paconi track that is reasonable. its red/silver + lugs + twin plate fork crown. very nice looking bike, but the bridge/fork are drilled and there are a few dents in the top tube

other details (from memory, some may be a bit off):


  • tubular campag hub wheelset. nothing fancy like sherriff’s or anything, and also perhaps its a road wheelset with a track cog.
  • miche cranks
  • cinelli or 3ttt bars (hmm not sure on this one).
  • around 53 or 54cm square.

i’d be tempted weren’t it for the damage to the frame.

it’s been there for about two years from memory, so there may be some room to move on the price, but deVer is a bit of a grumpy old man so…

this thing has road wheels on it, rip off IMO. I suppose thats why its been there so long.

Yeah that’s been there about 2 years.