Paconi or Kenevans or...?

Looking for some help to identify this frame, as I’m confused. I know the decals don’t mean much, especially since some say Paconi and the front says Kenevans… anyone got any clues?

Bottom bracket in Cinelli, no serial number that I can find, no other markings… HELP!? Thanks.

im gonna say Paconi

If I remember corrrectly Kevin Wigham may have built the occasional frame for Ken Evans.

So maybe its a bit of both…

send kev an email with the photos attached

I’m no expert but could it possibly be neither?

Just has stickers applied to a Cinelli?, like the merckx stickered Raleigh on the ebay a little while ago. Does it have any stampings in the actual metal?

you selling this puppy???

Definitely a Hillman.

Not selling right now. Depending on how broke I get in the next few weeks I may have to sell it to pay off the Merckx I just bought. :expressionless: But currently this lil’ guy has only been in my possesion for 2 days.

Thanks for the help, Andy. Have replied to your email, too!

Kinda wishin’ it was a Paconi - had my beautiful Paconi road bike stolen back in January and have been looking for something to fill the void.

if you get broke, and you sell it, and tim doesn’t want it, can i call second dibs?

oh yea, this is pip BTW.

It’s yours, but I don’t WANT to sell it. :mrgreen:

haha, i don’t blame you, it’s so nice.