Paconi Roadie For Giraffes

Got to love the saddle/handlebar setup.eBay Australia: Buy new & used fashion, electronics & home d

Watching with intent.

Was looking at the photos just now and wondered: Does this look like a ‘touring’ / not so racy geometry to you?

Headtube angle, chainstay length, fork rake and bb drop, that sorta thing. Anyone care to agree/disagree?

^ No eyelet mounts = non beardo.

Comparing it to other 60cm frames it looks pretty roady to my untrained eye.

maybe an ever so slightly slacker HT?

e.g. vs

Disagree. Can’t always get a lot of back wheel tuck on biggies. HT might be a degree or so lazier to avoid having to deflate the rear to get the wheel out without making the stays too long. Fork rake looks fine, I don’t think you’d want the front wheel any further back to avoid overlap or trail issues.

Hurry up and bid will you!
I’m the current bidder and I’m not sure I want it now

Haha missed out on a large paconi frame last week so looks like i will be bidding :wink:

Just wear a TT helmet, you’ll be fine.

GO JELMER!! Buying up BIG bikes since forever!

All big frames. All the time.

Or maybe a knuckle tat?


So you got it?? Awesome!

Another four days to go.
At least I’m out of the hot seat.

Oh, yeah, would help if i looked before asking!