Paconi Track

Geeeeeez this thing has been past around a lot. I got it about a week ago, but it will be pushed to the side for a while because my Ken will become my main ride.

Spec list:
Paconi Reynolds 653 frame and fork.
Dura Ace NJS headset (want something sealed, anyone wanna trade?)
Cinelli stem
Cinelli Milano Pista bars with Oury grips, (comfy as hell).
No name, wrong size seat post. Cherry flavoured energy drink can shim.
Sugino Mighty cranks.
Time ATACs
Rear velocity laced to veep.
Front GT BMX hub laced to Mavic MA40 rim.

thanks sam for the photos.

get that thing out of my back yard

should’ve posted photos of the harley instead.

nice, spuds old bike… though i dont think thats the correct tubing, i’m pretty sure those stickers were put on it to match the purple paint job.

njs stamped?

"Tight’’ - front fork looks like it is angled slightly backwards - is that the camera angle or just the way it is?


+1. looks as if it’s bent right at the top near or at the crown. tight as a nun’s nasty.

looks like its had a front ender/been on a roof rack

if it is actually 653 that could come together as a nice race bike with a bit of work

saw you powering past on the corner of lt collins and exhibtion, the bike looks great!
should have yelled out ‘do a skid’ but I was off in my own little world hoping to get home before the weather shat itself, looked like you were also racing the weather anyway

Never realised that! Had a look at the fork, seems to bend back a bit. Ehh, I couldn’t really care though. Still rides great.

Yeah, it was a long day at work, was just keen to call it a day and get home!