Paconi winter/training/commuting blowout build

Hey all.

Bought this old frame a while ago for $120 odd. Had really crappy 105 spec stuff on it for a while & I just used it for commuting. I got doored on my race bike (Cervelo s2, ultegra 6800 etc), so upgraded the race bike to a Noah Fast with DA9000 kit, which left me with a whole load of parts and one cool steel frame.

With that said, I somehow managed to buy new bars, stem, fenders, wheels. So, in for a penny in for a pound. No fender mounts, so I got some of those crudracer mudguards.


Paint Colors:

Some of the gear:

Carbon tubs I bought. Yep, going to be training on tubs.

Goal is basically a setup that roughly replicates the race bike, that I can ride through winter without feeling bad about beating up a bit, as well as a bit of #gravelgrovelling #cobblegobbling. That point may now be moot since I’ve gone to this effort.

Also if anything on bike #1 breaks, I should be able to replace with something from this (wheels & groupset are interchangeable).

Waiting on frame paint & need to do a CRC/etc order to find a 28t cassette and bar tape.

like where this is goin, sub’d

Don’t paint it.

This is sweet.

Too late, and the paint was particularly shit. Not ‘patina’ just terrible.
At some point someone had tried to engrave their license number into the top tube.
Frame has been bead blasted and primed. Few small things to fix up tomorrow then first basecoat.

This is great. I love when builds blow out and go OTT

Maybe look at getting some PDW Full Metal Fenders?

I can’t wait for this. I’m literally waiting for a nice bit of steel to show up at the right price and in my size so I can take everything off my cheap carbon frame and build something similar to this but 105-5700 10speed spec.

Paint choice is good. It is a bit brighter than is looks in this pic. Too many light sources.

Any updates on this? It’s my inspiration for my build. Keep it coming.

Update today. So pumped.

May or may not like this more than my ‘good’ bike already.

Filling lug Windows?


I vote white fills and white/yellow Paconi decals

I’m probably going to goldfill them.

Yellow Paconi decals. Few graphic designers at work, so now my mojo is back I’ll get onto them about it. Couldn’t get onto anything from Paconi direct.

Tempted for yellow bartape, but that’s one step too much. Maybe perforated black with yellow underneath.

oops double post

It is a very, very cool colour.
DuPont have a good selection of ‘standard’ metallic paints.

Have you checked what Cyclomondo can do? They only have one shitty one on their website, but might be worth a phone call.

Impressive job on the paint.

Where do the DuPont metallic samples come from?

My paint supplier, I don’t have a set.
Hole in the middle is a nice touch when trying to match a colour.

Can confirm training on tubs is fucking good. Like smoking. Really, really dumb, but undeniably cool.