Paganini - 57.5tt, campy, mavic ...Perth Gumtree

so upset right now that im only 5`9

nice dropout details.

Vintage Racing Bike | Sport & Fitness | Gumtree Mindarie

Nice buy, and sweet paintjob, seen Concorde’s with the same details…

yeh, ive seen another concorde with the exact same paint. i reckon the guy would take less too.


hmm considering it Jase. Would be good to see the fixed mafia strike again:)

my size too

text him, said he had already had lots of interest and $530 would be his minimum.

I think i’ll finish my two ongoing builds before I start another haha

haha…i did think of you actually. but as you said…finish your two first!

What group is that?
damn good buy,

Looks like Chorus or Athena

cheap! someone get on it. perth gumtree has all the bargains.


It’s my size and I want a sweet roadie. Don’t get paid until tomorrow though. :mad:


not me though…

ill loan, but then you owe me like a boss

200% interest per day?

dude…give em a deposit or something, its worth it!

more like a mob debt, whatever the fuck i want or you, and your family and everyone who’s ever stepped in your house dies

so, there’s paganis and paganinis?


500 bux for f*cking fancy sounding sandwich? What’s next? I suppose Garlic Bread is the future then…

youll be right, it won’t go in a rush, its xmas, everyone is fucking broke.

And it’s located in South f*cking Carnarvon

ohh its not that bad! 20 mins on the freeway…easyyy