Paging Dylbo Baggins

Allsop Softride

Been quiet of late, where is he?? Kind of missing his nonsensical humour.

He became disenfranchised with us a while back when we told him to quit smoking, he will be making a return to fixed soon.

I have the catalyst for his return sitting next to me fresh from the painters…

He’s flogging off some bikes, so I’d say, lusting after more mtb’s

EDIT: forgot about that /\


someone should go onto the mx-5 forums and see if theres a ‘ask Mr_Dylan’ thread over there.

wrong thread, but i also miss the effervescent mr dylan

Don’t give it to him till he logs back onto FOA.

man, did Softride ever make a big frame? been waiting for one to pop up for years now

There’s a complete on ebay that looks pretty big, JAMS. In SA.

Like the exhaust I had to replace yesterday? Or the shitty front tires that understeer me towards fences and trees?

Nah, the kumo’s more important.

And yeah I want a new mtb.

Hey yo, where’s my thread at?

Oh nm I found it

$600? tell im he’s dreamin! i want one for like $200 and prob just frame only, so i can turn into an absolute travesty


Might bid on this…