Paino Track

I’ve Been back on the bike for a while now, so I thought show one of the bikes that has been attempting to fill the void left by my Bundy.

Im quite sure this is a Frank Paino frame, it has much of his signature handy work. 61cm seat tube, unknown tubing, shimano tips and ends and and tange BB shell.

I bought (rescued) the bike complete, from a complete douche bag in Potts Point. BB was loose, odd cranks, one of the hub bearing retainers in backwards, loose headset - the hipster had no clue. I’ve only used the frame here, the rest is built up with parts from the spares box. Very tight tyre clearances on 23s, though only suffers minor toe overlap.

I like these wheels… Campy Record hubs, Ambrosio super elite rims

great bike, may i ask how comfy that saddle is?
and what stem that is?

SMP (models evolution and composite) and the Specialized Toupe are the best saddles I’ve used. The Specialized Romin looks like it would be worth a try too. The stem is nothing special, Kalloy I think.

What a looker Stef !! Loving that fork crown.


Thanks Daacha… this is the ugly one.

I like that. Nice to see a bike built without deep profile rims

I’m not surprised mate, is the Colnago super still in hiding?

That looks really nice mate. Everything I’ve heard about those saddles has been positive.

for 300 you would hope it would be. They look awesome i reckon

Shit, the price has gone ballistic on these… there was a dude on French eBay blowing them (must have been nearly 2 years ago now) for under $100 (I think $79 actually). I suppose that was before they started to get popular. I bought two.

A bit like when Nashbar had Aerospokes for $85 in 2003.

If I had to recommend a saddle though, get the Specialized Toupe.

Yeah, still hiding in bubble wrap in a box. Investment :wink:

Wheels and frame will be up for grabs at the Deus swap meet.