Paint Thread

Do we have a general paint thread already? There’s a dickload in search results but no ruling one.
I have a really specific painting question that I feel doesn’t deserve it’s own thread, and there are probably other questions that pop up that dont need a thread and end up buried anyway. It’d be good to have a quick paint Q & A thread. Mods pls delete if this exists and I missed it.

Here’s a list of the top results for paint threads already in existence, some useful some not:

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my question:
I want to do a fade job, but with some detail in the transition. cross hatching, diamonds, dots, whatever.
was thinking along the lines of this:

Anyone got any ideas where I can get something to wrap on the frame craete this/a pattern?
This antislip mat is the best idea ive got so far

Stovepipe - you should be able to find a variety of perforated paper at any good art stores - there’s a few I could name drop in Sydney but Melbourne I’m not too sure.

They commonly come in circles/squares etc which would be perfect for your needs.

L/P - plates.

Orly? What a time to be alive! cheers I’ll take a look tomorrow

How did you go with this?

yeah managed to eventually get some paper. 4 art shops had nothing but found it at a craft/paper sort of shop. exactly what I needed for $1 a sheet or so. Yet to spray due to weather but will post when I do

Did this come with a transfer sheet? So you can lift the whole thing off the backing paper and stick it on?