Paint used for filling in pantos etc

Just got some forks re chromed and need to fill in a few bits with yellow, any suggestions/experience with this?
What good paint is, and any particular brush?
Might seem
Completely noobie.
And that’s for a good reason, I have donuts when it comes to paint.
Any help will be rewarded with favours of your choice in the next millennium.
Seriously though, any help will be greatly appreciated

Best bet would be model paint. Comes in small pots so you won’t have to buy excessive amounts. And places that sell model paint will usually have some fine brushes too. Come to think of it, my dad is fucking obsessed with models. I could probably lend you some paint and brushes if you want.

Yeah , humbrol model paint is ace.
About $4 smackers from a toy /model shop. Flows nicely and finishes up great. Smells nice too, and takes me back to childhood memories via the olfactory trigger.

Yeah, I’ve used model paint to fill in fluting on cranks. Works freaking perfectly.

+1 on model paint, i used Tamiya Enamel for the McBain lugs.

As for brushes, bunnings has some thin/small stuff, cheaper then art shops etc.

Dont fuss too much, just paint it and wipe away the excess asap. You dont have to be ‘perfect’ when filling it in.

Just to be a contrarian I would use a fine point paint pen. Easy and precise, and I won’t tell you how much easier it is to do lug lining with.

Just remember to buy the finest point you can, most art supply stores have a good range of colours. Will cost a little more than a small pot of model paint but $8-$10 for one pen is enough to do highlights on 3 or 4 frames. A little metho or turps and some q-tips will help for easy clean up if you make a mistake.

Lug lining with a paint pen, yes, but filling in panto’s with a paint that can flow into the fine areas would be better, no?

Get some tips from the pro… Ray Dobbins

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