Painting fluting / crank sets.

Anyone done it?

I’m digging the look of these cranks, thinking of doing it on my Super Mighty’s. Saw some info on Ray Dobbins… anyone had first hand experience doing this? I guess use model paint?

I think you just need to be confident in your abilities when trying this sort of stuff.
You need a good steady hand, patience, thin model brushes, and good quality model enamel. Just go ahead as ray dobbins says i guess…

Jolan if you do go ahead and do this, can you post up a lil tutorial or take some snaps along as you go.

I might give it a shot this weekend. I’ll take some photos and that… but it might turn out like shit!

I’ve only got the fluted part and the Sugino logo, so I don’t have to worry about fine text. The Sugino logo is going to be the biggest headscrew.

I don’t think it will be as hard as you think. Mineral spirits on a very flat paper towel will take away all the excess paint without touching the paint in the fluting or logo.

Good luck

You are making it sound a LOT harder then it is. It’s nothing, piece of piss. I’ve done it with my Sugino Mighty cranks and it was surprisingly easy. I used shit paint though, so now it’s all chipped, use good paint. But apart from that it’s easy. Paint it in, rag with a bit of metho around the edges, viola.

Make sure its clean as whistle and de-greased in those groves