Painting vs powdercoating

Hey all,

Was looking into giving some old frames some new colour. What are the advantages and disadvantages of both powdercoating and spraying (both professionally done)?


Powedercoat: looks pretty shit if not done very well (in my opinion)
Paint: Looks pretty awesome if done well
Can be expensive

Powdercoating is tougher (IMO) and less likely to be damaged and if it does get damaged because it was cheaper you care less.

paint is better and you pay for it accordingly

crap frame = powder coat it

good frame = paint it

I was aware of the price difference and the general consensus as to what is better but what I’m more interested in is why?

Durability of powdercoating seems to be a pretty solid pro…

You get what you pay for, I have seen a cheap powdercoat come off in sheets, I also have an expensive baked enamel paint finish on a few of my bikes that is tough as anything

The fact that it makes a quality frame near worthless is a con.

Can it not just be sandblasted again and then sprayed?

Sandblasting is bad for your frame.

Tits vs. Ass … both have their merits.

For a MTB, powdercoat is great.
For an anally-retentive Italian road frame resoration, real paint is better

media blasting, more friendlt than sand blasting?

So the vibe I’m getting is powdercoat my generic frames and never worry about it again?


Powdercoat for the polo bike or super commuter. Paint that handmade, fixie mall walker, you want it super pimp.

HSV/SS colours, hero or zero? I always like Tiger Mica, Morpheus Purple and Poison Ivy.

i wouldnt even waste money on powder coat for crappy frames… $7 rattle can will suit it fine.

Isn’t all blasting now media blasting? I thought sand blasting was just an old term that has stuck.

For ultimate gentle-ness, walnut shell blasting is the way to go.

Trashed paint is the new powdercoat…

Rat fixed FTW!

If it’s got a half decent name I’ll take the patina anyday over some plain colour powder coat or dodgy spray can job

^^^CXP 30s! Love those rims…