pair of track shamals - $125 BIN

i would get them, but i’m so broke it’s not funny
also that dent looks kinda scary

campagnolo shamal track wheels | eBay

have fun kids

Do I see a cluster on a track wheelset??

thanks coulson

Fark nice buckle in one of em.

scary buckle, still worth it
nice to see someone on the forum snagged it

I haven’t paid for them yet, since they’re in ADL I’m going to go pick them up and pay COD. Still waiting on a reply from the seller however.

they aren’t track shamals by the way…

everyone except the seller kinda figured that one out pal…

shit didn’t read the first comment. only read the title
my bad…

i can’t believe you got those for $125, there are some rims for sale cheap on ebay in the states too. i have 2 sets of the clinchers and love them man enjoy