Pairing campy group 2 dura ace hubs

So I have got some bargains of late, campy Atlanta rims laced to 10 speed dura ace hubs and a campy chorus carbon 10 speed group.
The wheels where worth it for the rims alone but being 28h I’m finding it hard to get a set of 28h campy 10 speed hubs.
so what options do I have if any of running these wheels on this groupset.
Thanks Dayne

JTek shift mate is your friend :wink:

Jtek ShiftMate Derailleur/Derailer Adaptor from Harris Cyclery

Almost every combination is covered. Reasonably cheap, works well in my experience so far (on Mrs. Spirito’s bike).

I have a spare shiftmate- use it for 10 speed campag shifters to 9 speed shimano wheels- think i may have the correct pulley for 10 speed campag to 10 speed shimano.
10 speed Shimano is wider than 10 speed campag- i think, check sheldon brown he has a list, it is however worth trying to see if you can get it working wihtout the shiftmate.
I use 9 speed campag levers with shimano 9 speed wheels and they shift better than the campag 9 speed wheels !!!

How about a Miche cassette with campag spacing and shimano splines?

most people think Miche cassette’s are rubbish

But would it be the lesser of two evils?

How are the shiftmates?

Has any body used these cassettes?
American Classic 10-Speed Shimano / Campy Conversion Cassette 12-25

I have used American classic 10sp conversion cassettes on and off for several years including racing on them (with a win or two). They’re a little agricultural compared to high-end campy, probably comparable to veloce or mirage-level but they work fine. They work better with pre-QS 10sp.

Might have a spare one if you’re in melb

Hi thanks i am in qld though,
Will look into giving this a try on my atlanta’s if i cant get the wheels i want.

miche is the way to go, still italian made and in my travels i haven’t had any dramas running a campag spaced shimano splined cassette on my spinergy’s

I like the idea of miches - you can buy single sprockets & replace just the ones that wear out.