Pake CrMo Track Frame

Hey guys im looking at getting the Pake CrMo track frame. Heres the link to the frame. Pake CrMo Track Frame

Is it good quality?
Or are there better frames available for this price.
Would appreciate the help guys. Thanks.

seen them, liked them, bought an alloy bike instead.

My immediate reaction is that I think I heard somewhere that they’re a solid bike but pretty heavy. But any cheap chrome molly frame is gunna be.

ok sounding good. any other frames that are lighter. See im trying to build my fixie for under 700 so id like to make the frame the best possible for the price range. So if you know of a better frame for me id appreciate it.

are you buying the frame in australia or importing from the states?
Pake is a heavy, non-butted frame. if you’re importing you’d be better getting a KHS Flite 100 imo.

Just remember that frame price doesn’t include the fork.
EDIT: directed to L.Shaw re: pake

Sorry for jacking thread: but I’ve been looking for a KHS Flite frameset. Does anyone know any local stockists in Melbourne?

cyclic used to have them. Ask Evan: :: Cyclic Bicycles ::

get an eightinch scrambler frameset, cheaper, similar geometry and comes with a headset, fork and seatpost. black, white or raw.
heres the link
Eighthinch Scrambler V3 Frameset - Cycling Closeouts
EIGHTHINCH SCRAMBLER TRACK FIXED GEAR FRAME 55CM RAW !! - eBay (item 400154874025 end time Oct-16-10 08:19:58 PDT)

I checked out the eightinch scrambler. It looks good but the price is hard to believe. So is it good quality? Can you guys have a look at it and let me know what you think?

Many people have looked at it already. If you do a search you’ll see a bunch of reviews. To give you a summary: they’re considered good value and decent quality for the price, and if you are looking to build a sub-$700 steel-framed bike it would probably be your best bet.

Or you could buy a 2010 closeout Surly Steamroller complete. I’ve heard shops in Melb have them for $700. Now that’s a good value buy, plus it can do SSCX duty with ease.

i’ve owned 2 of them

PAKE B43..jpg

pink fixie..jpg


built one for someone else.
Pake white..jpg

no drama’s here.
would get one again if I needed one.

you can also get this frameset from cycling closeouts for like 500 with shipping
only sell black and creme though, i like the orange one

if you are looking at the eigth" look at Gear (site sponsor) in brisbane support the community we live in.

that’s where i got my KHS flite 100 frame. very happy with the frame, light and theyre quite cheap too.

its almost dollar for dollar with the us currency, why not grab a bargain whilst you can, it might not happen for another 28years…

yeah thats true duplex, ill probably try and get an import from america. Also that steamroller for $700 looks good. But I think I would get more from making my own bike. Unless of course im not gong to get anything better than the steamroller for 700. Will I. Btw thanks for all the replies, keep them coming

to goose- hey are the forks on those the ones u buy on the page of the pake. or if not what are they and price?

another frameset you can get is also that colossi one from gear shop brisbane, its tight and only 499 pretty sure. email them about it.
its nicer than the steamroller