Pake CrMo Track Frame

@duplex, is that just the frame? If it is not sure if I can keep the bike under than $700. But sounds good

wow i looked at the colossi on the brisbane gearshop, it looks really nice but at that price the parts cant be too good. but I might be wrong. Can someone have a look, heres the link

oh sorry dont worry. its only frame and forks.

I’m actually waiting for brendan to drop his famous line…

seriously looking at the khs flite 100 frameset, seems like best frame I could get for an under $700 bike. what do u guys rekon? good frame or not?

Buy a steamroller for $700 and ride the fuck out of it.

ugh. i was trying to hold out. but here goes:

pls use the search function.

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