Panasonic ladies "track" frame

Anyone seen one of these?It is a panasonic chicks bike but with track forks and dropouts and some njs parts.

Neato. Would be a hoot if that front rack was also stamped njs

thats how you please a woman

Have to be a custom build.

Excuse my dumbness, but what is that braze on on the down tube for?

Chain guard perhaps?

Ahhhhhh…,that would make sense.
I noticed the fender eyelets on both fork ends now too.

That’s one of the coolest and most interesting framesets I have seen in a long while.

Panasonic also made some demountable (take apart) touring frames with propreitary front racks. Wondering if this was from around that era/style. Still can’t work out why the track ends but given the chrome it looks original.

Very, very cool :mrgreen:

And Panasonic have some neat history