Papa Spirito built Rossin

Rossin Road Bike | Bicycles | Gumtree Australia Marrickville Area - Dulwich Hill | 1042900963

Phwaor. Rossin but by FOA’s one and only Spirito. Primo price, some nice parts though.

Phwoar indeed, is rad. Not taking anything away I’m sure the dollars have been spent but nearly 2.5K is pretty optimistic isn’t it

Nice, but not 2.5k nice.

Belongs in the optimists thread

If the owner is who I think it is, he is also like, literally one of the most attractive people you’ll ever meet. So factor that into the price.

I think Papa Spirito just built it.

Jimmy Dead Legs owns a Rossin?

The spirito connection surely adds to the value

Haha … Elliot is a very handsome guy but his Triumph Triple is even better looking.

I don’t think it’s worth that but there’s no harm in asking I guess. Fwiw it was Dare’s bike and I’m not surprised he got bored (prefer’s fixed) so Elliot prolly got a good deal. The Gilles Berthoud saddle has been swapped out and the rear hub is a modern Ultegra (not campagnolo). Runs 1 x 9 (42t x 12-27).

If you did add the parts up it could make that price. Super 75 - look it up, @$700, chainring has been swapped out to a vintage NOS road 3/32", white Indo pedals, Grand Bois rims. I think the frame was less than $500 and from our own Esteban. Shitty tyres because all our accounts were on hold/unpaid etc … <ha-ha> but we all know adding up prices doesn’t establish market value.

It does however ride nice, is a cool bike and biggest irony is that when I took it over the Deus HQ and handed it over to Dare we looked over the wall to where the staff bikes were parked and the same exact frame, same colour (but a 54cm) was owned by his creative offsider Carby Tuckwell. That was major Lolz.

Clearly, Elliot is pitching it high but I don’t blame him. Not everyone is a FOA lowballer :wink:

Btw, Dead Legs + Elliot would be very tough to pick …

Oh yeah … Dare still owes me $50 for this build !!!

here you go …

I was going to say the same thing.

Srsly. Like, srsly…

This Elliot sounds like a pretty cool guy

this is ‘optimistic’ but the custom triple triangle guy is ‘on crack’