Paris-Roubaix 2010

No thread yet, only a few weeks away. I’m going to be there this year (and at the Tour of Flanders the week before) - who has been and has some tips for me?

36h Ambrosio box rims, 25c tubbies and a double-wrap of bar tape :wink:

Belgian Knee Warmers! :slight_smile:

I’d give you more advice my my hands wont type due to jealousy :wink:

(check embrocation mag’s blog for his experiences in belgium and pre-riding the course last year)

Whatever Hincapie does, do the opposite.

YES! is that because he always fucks up? did I just get a ‘pro’ joke? AWESOME!
I feel like a should go throw on some lycra and get started on removing the three kilo’s of hair that constitutes the eco-system that is my legs.

Chaz, the transformation has begun. You thought that Cervelo Test Team jersey was just an innocent purchase to wick the sweat away. Oh no. This time next year you will be comparing your wattage in zone 3 last Sunday while you absent mindedly shave your legs, while stroking your crabon fibre beast.

And to answer your question, yes, it is becasue he always fucks up. But also because he is beset with a baffling run of bad luck.

get on a european forum like weightweenies or something and see which locals are going, try and get into a car with someone. last year a friend of mine went, spent half the day in the car and the other half watching the race from various awesome spots inc arenberg forest and the velodrome at the end.

stand on a corner in one of the cobbled sections. if it’s not raining, take your water pistol.

Bump. For those with a television…

Was given a large Roubaix coffee table book for b/day in the lead up for this years race, very excited already.

I have scheduled a recording in case I fall asleep.

just moved into my girlfriends place which has a TV with every channel EXCEPT SBS! not the first time ive missed something

That’s ok, we’re all going to Brendan’s house to watch it anyway. AM I RIGHT?!? will be your answer.

the RZA will disagree with this…

best protect ya neck

I’m the opposite, I get every SBS channel including the radio ones, but none of the others!!
Its actually very good.

paging blakey / brunswick clubrooms…

No antenna in the clubrooms.

Pick me up from Tulla at 1030pm Sunday and you can sit on my couch and heckle Brendan.

you know i’m not riding, right?

You think that’s going to stop HMC?

glorious heckling! But seriously, i think we should gather somewhere and watch this.