apparently this guy thinks he can win it.

Cancellara Warns Rivals To Fasten Seatbelts Ahead Of Paris-Roubaix |

i’ll be watching from 90 mile beach… what’s your plan?

I’ll be watching it with some velo-nerds, while drinking Belgium beer. Can’t wait.

  • also, a hypothetical: If Cancellara, Husovd and Boonan all crashed out, who would likely win?

Semi related, Hell of the North is on sbs2 tonight at 830pm

Watching it at Ridewiser*. They have an ergo session, followed by food, followed by the race. Will be awesome. May jump on an ergo during some of the more epic stages and pedal along.

*this plan is open to changing depending on whether there are any awesome group viewing prospects involving beers.

I’m pretty sure Cancellara would still win.

planning to watch doco 2night.And race at home sunday with a coupla stiff espressos. Booked monday as annual leave to chill/snooze

chaz who and where?

Just quietly, love the way Cancellara goes about it, quoted for awesomeness:

"I’m very happy: there were fifty of them behind a gladiator,” Cancellara continued. “It was a spectacle and a double satisfaction: I lost by trying to win, the others rode only to make me lose. And in the end the one who was always in the wheels won. Congratulations to Nuyens, but for me [winning] like that has no value…In Flanders I was the only one of the big riders in front, and so I would say I am still the number one favourite,” he said. “I am the only man in the world who can make an attack like the one in Flanders, or in Roubaix in 2010. Everybody knows that if I’m at 100 percent they have to fasten their seatbelts, like on an aeroplane.”


Brendan, what are you doing on 90 mile beach?

holidaying. but yes, i am taking the bike. and the trainer.

Sweet as!

I think Gilbert will be trying to prove what he couldn’t do last week, Chavanel was in top form and will be a contender, I’m desperately hoping that Thor can do something and then you’ve got the 100-1 people like Nuyens. Anyone got the odds?

Found them:
42537 CANCELLARA Fabian 2.30
42535 BOONEN Tom 4.50
42552 HUSHOVD Thor 6.50
42572 Riders Not Quoted 13.00
42544 FLECHA Juan Antonio 19.00
42531 BALLAN Alessandro 23.00
42561 POZZATO Filippo 23.00
42543 FARRAR Tyler 26.00
42567 THOMAS Geraint 26.00
42539 CHAVANEL Sylvain 31.00

john pilger documentary on SBS immediately beforehand. that’s a good night’s viewing!

Another leftest conspiracy theory doco? :smiley:

This commie pink lefty wants to say ˜øƒ§¶ §¶•˜h and n§® tell you where to †•ªˆπø¥•∂ ø ¥©ø§¶•˜ƒ your ∂§≤ææ≤º® !!!

Gee that was easy! :smiley:

hang on, pilger is left wing?

Pilger has been a leading critic of the foreign policy of the West. He is particularly opposed to many aspects of United States foreign policy, which he regards as being driven by a largely imperialist agenda.

But seriously I’m just winding you guys up