i didn’t think being a critic of american foreign policy meant you were a lefty. i thought it just made you a critic of fuckwittery.

like, being a critic of pozzato don’t make you a fan of devolder…

just playing along …

fascist !!!

i love how a thread started on something as inoccuous as the paris-roubaix can turn into some exercise in drawing lines in the sand.

i blame horatio. stupid sexy horatio.

I can’t believe I’m becoming the new Alex4.0

After watching A Sunday In hell(a couple of times), and last nights doco, I’m totally awestruck by Roger De Vlaeminck and his Roubaix record.

He rode Paris–Roubaix on 14 occasions, winning four times (1972, 1974, 1975, 1977), finished second four times, third once, fifth once, seventh twice and abandoned only in 1980

I think i’ve found my cycling hero.



“A Ferrari is not the car for a rider, it’s for a footballer. The boss of Brooklyn (Giorgio Perfetti) gave me a Ferrari when I won Milan-San Remo but I couldn’t get my bike in the boot and had to take the saddle off, which I then forgot at home. I sold it after a year.”

yep, he’s a bonafide legend alright


Anyone know of any live feeds of the race?
My Canadian friends are being left oot up there. - lists all broadcast details for all major races, including links to live streams where available.

Canada thanks you.

I am out at a party tonight, is it inappropriate to turn the tv on when the Roubaix starts?

Just putting in my prediction now, given the official start was 20 minutes ago:
1 Spartacus. He just has the form, and the experience
2. Pozatto. Been a bit of a dark horse but I think he has it in him
3. Flecha. Dude’s been itching for a win and I think he’ll do well

Stoked to have a RDO tommorrow. I haven’t watched a full race since the world championships.

I have an RDO morning tomorrow. Also, first rider to retire is Buts from Lampre at the 3km mark

Did a 24 Hour MTB race as part of a 4 man singlespeed team yesterday/today, there is no way I am going to be able to stay awake for this one! Now to see how successful the media block out will be until I get around to watch the recording.

yeah i have an annual booked for tomorrow.

Whats the consensus on the best stream to hook into without the need to subscribe?