Paris - Roubaix

It’s on this weekend. I’ve got a bunch of beer lined up specially for it. Only alcoholics drink alone so who is organising a Roubaix party?

Brendan beat you to it!

did you read the post or just the thread title?

EDIT - Bad day at work, not trying to be inflammatory & no offence meant @ Johnson. Just just trying to make a light hearted comment that the threads were similar (and thought that the content of this thread would make the other more interesting).

Now now children.

We got a big TV at our place, so i am keen. I’ll msg jamie and co.

Go away before you look even more of a fool…

New Roubaix, new man cave. The telle is primed and ready to rock for a 3rd year. If you’d like Dan I’ll come round yours and load the car up to make your ride over a little easier:) What time does the race kick off??

Wicked Skippy, I was secretly hoping that you’d be cranking the plasma up for this! Yeah if you want to come around some time in the next few days I’ll load you up with some sweet amber! Alternatively I’ll be out and about on Saturday and could deliver it then? MSG me and we’ll figure it out.

Race is on SBS from 10:20pm.

BYO rollers.

Ok, Just spoke to gyp and its sorted. Rock up around 7ish for beers and cobbles. All welcome. Pm or gimme a call if you need the adress.

Oi Dan, forgot you have an auto-mobile now. I’m easy, can drop round yours or if your over this way let me know and drop off’s can be arranged.

Shit working at the mont will miss it unless someone has it playing at a campsite.

i was all geared up to come over, but my crash via texas twins at polo today, has left me a bit stiff and sore…i gotta rest up before work tomorrow…very ‘woos’ I know…enjoy