too soon? don’t care.



Metallica strings? Really?

Oooooh yehhhhh.

Imagine how ruling that footage would be with an Immortal soundtrack. Sheeeet.


Is there a program where we can put our own music over that clip, bikesnobnyc style? There’s definitely improvements to be made.

not quite putting it over the top, but run video in one and sound on the other.

YouTube Doubler | Mashup Helper

I was always thought this would make for good montage music

I kinda like that narration though, sounds a bit like a Lewis Black rant.

there’s a benny hillifer thing…

I think the Benny Hill Show sountrack and sped up Roubaix footage would be more fun.

  • boobies !!!

Roubaix + Boobies would be the most awesome thing ever. Saying that with respect :wink:

Are you suggesting… Paris-Boobaix??

James, Imagine Behemoth eating cobblestones and shitting riffs


fuck that seppo voiceover is a load of shit

Someone overdub the “coffee is for closers” speech from glengarry glen Ross. Kthx.

paris-roubaix, baby:

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Spring Classics LIVE on SBS : Paris Roubaix 2012 : Cycling Central on SBS

Is anyone else planning some “special alone time” for Milan-SanRemo on Saturday night?

i’m gunna watch the shit out of you, paris-roubaix