Paris - Roubaix

In a break with tradition Bender won’t be showing this years Roubaix, instead I will be throwing it up on the wall at my place. Those who have been to my place before will confirm the epic awesomeness of Le Cinema IGA East Brisbane so hopefully it won’t disappoint. You guys pretty much cleaned me out of beer last weekend so you might want to bring a couple for yourself, I haven’t kegged a new beer yet so unfortunately we don’t get to try out the keggerator just yet.

The Track Worlds will be shown on SBS from 7pm and the Roubaix from 9:30pm so I will fire up the projector at dark and it’s up to you when you want to drop in. I will be manning the couch from 7pm. Bring a camp chair if you have one.

When you do get to mine please creep up the sideway quietly as if you wake Miss Ant, Mrs Ant will have your balls (or equivalent lady bits).

PM me for address if you don’t have it. Anyone is welcome!

nice one Dan…hope the weather holds out, I will be over at some stage of the proceedings…post-polo!

Yeah lets hope for clear skies. I have space downstairs that we can huddle into if it does turn foul so don’t be put off. I might see you at polo soon Simon.

I may have to get a cab there so I can collect my car.

Bring 4 wheels as well, the local kids have had fun with it over the last week.

Soo jealous Dan but I did get to go to the worlds today.