Paris Roubaix

This Sunday is the Paris-Roubaix and I’ll be putting the race up on the backyard big screen.

Come around at 9:30pm and sneak down the sideway.

The beer on tap will include:

  • Australian Pale Lager (Wet hopped with my homegrown Mt Hood hops).
  • Sour Orange Belgian Saison
  • Texas BBQ Ale, An American Amber Ale with a touch of cherrywood smoked malt.
  • Choc-vanilla robust porter.

I’ll have the bike trainer set up for random efforts to keep us all awake.

PM me if you need the address.

oh boy. I was gonna post and ask where the best place is to watch it (besides the couch)

Hopefully I can make it to this one

Tempting, so tempting.

Will come if I can squeeze in an “I’m an old man” arvo nap.


Oh yeah!

We’ll have to secure a supply of waffles and frites.

It’s gonna be a Sunday in hell.

Could be keen for this, Big afternoon nap could be the key

No freakin’ way. This sounds amazing. Is it amazing? I hope it’s amazing.

Oh man, that all sounds so good.

Especially that amber ale…that could almost convince me to forgo my beloved green tins. It’s whiskey weather in Canberra already, so much peat in the air.

NEVER. forego the green tin.

I’ll know by Saturday which is when it goes into keg. All signs point to awesomeness at this stage though.

Holy awesome!

Well duh, I said almost. To be fair, Melbourne Bitter is readily available down here in all forms so that kind of trumps its inferior big brother.

Sorry Dan, I know this talk of mass brewed dish water probably has you in the fetal position right now.

he’s used to it/me

Haha! Nah as Scotty said I’m used to it. I actually have a lot of time for the science behind macro-brewing, those peeps know their shit when it comes to process and product quality.

So, I’ve begun prep for Sunday by mowing the lawns this arvo, it’s like a giant lush green mattress out there at the moment.

32 hours to go. It’s gonna get heroic on Sunday.

thanks for hosting dan!

Here here! Was a good night shit talking with the #foamafia.

yes thanks Dan, much appreciated. and the beer was outstanding!

ps. As I didn’t have any cash I didn’t contribute to the cup. But i’ll get it back to you (/the billy track fund) asap. Cause that shit was worth it

your a legend Dan…