Park Tool chain breaker

Anyone got/used the new Park Tool CT-4.3?

Does it rate?
Would I be better off with a CT-3.2 and separate CT-11 for peen the chain?

I’ve got the 4.3, works fine. Before I had a shitty no-name brand breaker which I broke so I don’t have much to compare to.
The 4.3 seems well made, very solid. As a general comment though, I’m always a little disappointed with the build quality of Park Tool though. For the money I’m always expecting something ‘special’ but it’s just not. The rubber screw handlebar is comfortable although looks cheap.
Sorry not much of a review.

I have the pedros tutto chain tool. Nice bit of kit.

The topeak one is amazing but the king is the campy ct-11 but bloody exxy

what dayne says. campy craps all over park.

I have this one at home, probably broken a 50-100 chains with it, cheap as chips but actually really good, I like the adjustable back plate thingy. Still on its 1st pin.

Park ones at work seems fine, never had a issue with them except over time you have to file the head of the pin as it gets a little flared and starts catching, but that’s after breaking hundreds of chains.

Edit: actually we have the 4.3 at work now I googled it, its fine but not especially better than the cheapy one above that I can tell.

Thanks for the info. The main thing I was concerned about is the peening of 11 speed Campy chains.
I know SK said he had modified a cheap breaker as a peening tool.

Price had put me off the Campy 11 speed tool. I bought a 10 speed breaker and it’s gold.

This, I’d never buy Parktool kit at full AUS RRP, it’s just not that good.

I just ordered a campy/shim 11 speed one from bicycle parts wholesale,
Probably retail for $60 and looks a little like a campy (shop back up if the topeak dies) I’ll get it Thursday and if it’s good ill order another as my own
I only use the ct-11 for campy 11

While looking for my Park DT-3 to true up a rotor I found a CT-11 brand new, sitting in a box under it.
Guess I just need an 11 speed breaker.
Keen to hear how this new one goes Dayne.

Actually it was the cheaper/earlier models of park breakers that we had to file the tip of, not the 4.3, but I don’t like it doesn’t have a slot to loosen a stiff link, but I guess if all you use it for is breaking/joining 11sdp chains it’ll be good.

The tutto has this feature. The backplate rotates to accommodate different thickness chains and the peening of campy 11 spd stuff (I’ve used this in my chorus). I’d say it’s of shop quality and the finishing is nicer that all of my park tool stuff (including my park chain breaker)

I have the Park Tool CT-4.3 and hate it, the lack of backing plate adjustment means I can’t loosen links.

I also have the BBB chain breaker and love it. It has worked perfect breaking probably 5 chains a day for the last year. Everything from S/S to 10 speed, haven’t tried it on 11 speed yet.