Part beautification

For all you polish fiends out there:

If I had a set of black cranks that I would prefer were polished bare metal…

Would it be feasible to use wet-and-dry sandpaper (or any other means) to remove the black anodising? Or would I be sanding forever?

Am I mad?

Use caustic soda mixed with water and dip the cranks in it to remove the anodising, then sand/polish.

You = font of wisdom.

Sounds very simple.


This from FGG:

I did a black seatpost recently with 800 & 1000 grit wet & dry and a Dremel with a polishing head. Sweet super shiny result but had forearms like sprung steel piledrivers afterward. NEXT time I’ll use a chemical first, polish after…

Do it in well ventilated area or you might die.

OK, yes. That would be bad.

This was my exploit…

Let me know how you go with the black mj. Might need to try it on a lever soon.

Nice result! How long did you spend polishing?

Blimey! That bike is going to look so bling Joel… are you sure that you will want to commute on it? It might get dirty…

Took a couple of hours but I was in Ballarat so theres not much else to do!

Yeah I kind of got carried away cleaning/polishing as I had time waiting for other parts. Looking forward to introducing it to some ‘life’.

God damn that came up sweeeet! Looking at my parts and the way they are…It’s makin me think…

Just got a tube of Autosol. It is the business.

Hey jol, is the wet’n’dry the most important bit? We gave it a try with a stem and just gave it a good scrub with one of those green scourers (scotch-brite?) then a polish with Brasso and it didn’t come up anything near as solid as yours.

Or do you reckon the Brasso aint extreme enough?

Keen to hear your thoughts, cause that’s one blingin’ stem!

Autosol sekt, Autosol.

(after some very fine wet and dry if the part is really rough)

I second Autosol !

Cheers guys. Would one find this Autosol business at perhaps an…auto shop?

Correct! Or a hardware shop. I paid $12.95 for a 75g tube, but that was in an auto shop on Chapel Street, so I’m sure that was the most expensive price you would ever want to pay. Rub-on + rub around/polish + rub-off = shiny.

Sounds good!

Managed to de-black this Specialized lever and polish with same technique. Came up pretty good but needs more sanding as it was rough finished. Couldn’t wait.