Part of my new ride

They came in the mail today :-o

Mmmmmm … tasty !!

With all due respect, why the fuck did you get single-sided fixed?

Coz I barely change cogs and already own a flip flop rear wheel.

Lighter? Neater?

and cheaper.

Hah. Lighter, neater and cheaper, all applied to Phil hubs in the one thread.


When was the last time you flipped to freewheel Spuddy?

How much does a phil fixed/fixed set you back.
I’ve just about destroyed the lockring thread on my current hub.

A lot.

$245 for a double fixed low flange 120mm. $250 for the high flange. $60 more if you want cutouts.

That’s fuck’n peanuts for you Mr Moneybags

I did the smart thing. I waited for JP to build some and then I bought them from him at a discount. Phils depreciate worse than a new car.

Unlike these puppies.

Begs the question … are they worth it?

Hell, yeah … but you’re not really gunna know for years and years …

seeing the phil mtb hubs reminded me of something i wanted to do, back in the day when i actually had a bike. can you buy front hubs with disc a attachment for road bikes? and if so, ever seen road forks with disc tabs?

yes and yes.
lots of people do disc tab forks now.
giant are using a really nice set of carbons for the CRX Zero.
kona and surly do some really nice steel ones, they sell them as seperate items as well

Some CX bikes have discs and I’ve seen 700c touring/commuter bikes with discs. And of course tandems sometimes too.

I don’t think weight vs. performance stacks up for road race use.

Why anyone would want a disc tab road fork is beyond me. Use a fucking mountain fork!

rake, trail, and clearance.
road specific disc forks are available in a variaty of rakes and trails to get a good feel.
means you can keep the feel you have now with your oldie cromo double plate crown forks, and stick some avid juicy 3’s on it.
fixed rolling stoppies anyone?