parted out ex VIS '94

tommy-boy-21 | eBay

nice frame 53/54, sugino crankset w/bb, wheelset, post, reasonable starting prices

AHA! The near-mythical Sugino AP track cranks, aka Suntour Superbe Pro. Don’t see those too often.

normally I can find information on things with google, But I can’t find anything on these. Got any info?

absolutely love those lugs

there was another set very recently up on ebay that went cheap! are they identical to the suntour Superbe pro? sure look similar.

was it the van workhoven? ^

This thing is real nice. must stop spending money…

I want that frame.

If the TT was 54 I would bid.

Get a longer stem. 1cm is NOTHING.

I wonder if the parts (individually) will go for more than the frame.

This. Anyway, riding frames too small for you is way gangstaaa.

Just ask John Prolly.

frame size is just a sales tactic. it’s all the same. just jack the seat, slam the stem, good to go.

Not sure if you’re taking the piss or not now…

But in my non-professional opinion, the difference between a 53cm and 54 top tube is very minimal when it comes to riding a street tarck bike.

was just about to list this. it’s a mighty nice looking frame. dig the gussets

But the thing is I’m still growing, rapidly, and i think ill find that 3cm too short compared to my normal size in 9 months will mean a lot. And since I’m going to be spending a lot of money on a frame (for a ((nearly)) 14 Year old) I want it to last and not have to get rid of it too soon and be the correct fit for me.
EDIT- I know you’ll probably say ‘it’s just 3cm’ but I have a fairly strong point.


He says it’s 52 top tube and I need at least 54. I think maybe 55 when I measure myself now.

Does not compute.

How would you know?

it’s just 3cm…

Parents with kids as young as 13 let them ride fixies? ahh times are changing…