Harry (Patch’s) Watson is turning 25! Come and get your drink on!

Ride something to VERVE

WHERE: Verve @ 109 Edward St Brisbane
WHEN: This Friday 5th of June @ 7pm for dinner - 9pm for drinks!
RSVP: Text 0424 106 185 for dinner bookings.

Please Note: This is Harry’s girlfriend speaking…x. Apparently if I am not a member of this ‘exciting forum’ I can not put something up without joining your cult. love love Nadege…

LOL @ the pic :lol:

Well Gypo’s plan was to quit work after friday nite’s shift.

But i may have to tell them tomorow evening at the staff meeting. :evil:

you could let them know that you know this kenny fella thats looking for a job :stuck_out_tongue:

Mrs. Ant and I will be there after dinner!